DBN: “Another big track from our mates Bale & Voltaire! Interplay Remix is the one for us.”

Michael Feiner: YEAH!!! I LIKE IT! Original Mix!

Micha Moor: Big up for Original and Interplay Mix! Good work mate!!

The Beatthiefs: We’ll be supporting the Original… its the best 😉

Dumb Dan: Wow – the interplay mix is ACE !

Aeron Aether: All mixes are great! Nice vibez!

Alex Mango (Mango Alley Recordings/RU): “nice solid package! original mix is really nice,
while interplay brings some really cool techy feeling to it! dezza has made an outstanding
proghouse variation – he’s the guy to look after in the future!”

Cic Inc.: Really liking Original and Interplay mixes. Goes into my bag!

Nick Mentes: “Thanks guys ! Very great EP. Love the techy atmosphere of the Interplay remix and the power of the original. Support for sure !”

Moving Elements: Great EP, especially the Original Mix, for sure we will play it in our dj sets

Incognet: I like the style of the Interplay remix – really quality and modern.

Alex & Filip: Hey Orginal is awesome! like the interplay remix as well!

Dave Cortex: Nice overall package – the Interplay mix is my favorite, like the contrast of the minimal groove with the emotional breakdown.

Luke Porter: Liking the melody and groove in the original mix, and the Interplay mix is just so tight and punchy. The build coming out of the break is fucking unreal!

Darin Epsilon: Original mix is my favorite here.  Plenty of things to enjoy about this:  great melody and sounds being used, plus a very positive atmosphere for the dancefloor.
The Interplay remix is not far behind, this one really impressed me.  Solid production quality and great attention to detail.  His sound has evolved quite a bit.

Jacob Henry: I especially like the more melodic remix by Dezza, one of my fav producers at the moment

Tom Morgan: Liking what Johans done with the track, will give it a spin

Hans Temmerman / Original Mix for me, cool tune!

Chloe Harris:  Interplay remix for me, amazing stuff, I like the original mix also!

Luis Cparosso:  Thanks for this !

Shawn Mitiska: – Original mix + interplay remix support!



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